Email Marketing

Keep your customers up to date on products, promotions, tips and tricks, or blog posts. Or just check in with them.
Send your own targeted email marketing campaigns with full reporting.

Email Marketing icon - SiteBitesEmail marketing can be a powerful tool when used correctly. We only email contact lists of people who have handed over their details at some point. If you have existing contact or customer lists we can help you segment that data. Otherwise we can link up websites and other data collection tools to grow a database.

You can use our email marketing software to manage your database(s) or we can manage the campaigns for you.

As standard all our email marketing is:

  • Mobile responsive
  • Configurable with Google Analytics
  • Compatible with all our websites
  • Compliant with UK data laws concerning email opting-in

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  • Pub Acquisitions by SiteBites

    Pub Acquisitions


    Pub Acquisitions own a group of pubs in London, whose websites we support as well. The websites feed opt-in subscriber databases and each month we roll out promotional campaigns to each pub’s subscriber list.

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