Emergency Security Maintenance – 15th Dec. 2015

Emergency Security Maintenance Notice
WordPress websites only
15th Dec. 2015

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Maintenance Notice - Crucial Updates 15th-16th December 2015

What is this?

A security patch has been released by one of our infrastructure providers that needs to be rolled out onto our WordPress servers as soon as possible.

When will this happen?

This will happen during the night of Tuesday 15th December 2015, beginning at 11pm and finishing at 2am on Wednesday 16th December.

What will happen?

In order to implement the patch, the servers will be rebooted. The reboot could happen at any time during the maintenance window.

How will this affect me?

We believe that the maintenance may result in 30 to 60 minute interruption of service to your site during this server reboot. i.e. your website may go offline during this time.

Outside of the downtime, there should be no impact to your site. Along with our hosting partners, we will be monitoring the situation closely to ensure minimal disruption to your site.

I want to know more

For those of a technical persuasion, you can read more about this on the Linode Critical Xen Maintenance post here: http://status.linode.com/incidents/ngql6k6dm420.

I have more questions!

Any questions, just ask by phone, Twitter or email us! Follow our Studio Twitter feed for more information.

The Studio on Twitter:

Contact Us for more information
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