We’ve launched PrintBites

Today we launched our latest venture, PrintBites.
Printing & Print Design

PrintBites launch header - graphic designers in Berkshire

Today we launched PrintBites.

Name sound familiar? Sorry, we couldn’t resist it…

A bit of background

SiteBites will have been building websites for a decade in January 2017. For most of that decade we have also been helping our customers out with designing their logos and printed materials.

It has been just that though; we have been helping our customers out, when they needed it. Aside from some promotional pages on the SiteBites website, which we put up two years ago, we have never really marketed our logo design and printing design services.

We are graphic designers.
We are web developers.
We are creative thinkers.
We are technical geeky people (official term…)
We are all of the above.

Over the last few years we have done more and more print and graphic design for our customers. Considering the importance of marketing business offline, alongside websites, this was unbalanced and we were only generating new customers for website work. I decided a year or so ago that this needed to change.

Our model

SiteBites’ business model is about packaging up our service as a simple product, producing excellent quality products through efficient and experience-driven processes, and finally -yet most crucially- supporting our customers through a solid support infrastructure of both technology and people.

PrintBites is ready

For the last year we have been trialling and honing our printing service, done in partnership with a superb local supplier. We are ready. PrintBites is ready.

PrintBites now stands to properly promote our logo design, print design and printing services. Offering print & design packages of logos and print products ranging from business cards and stationery, to flyers and leaflets, exhibition stands and folders, and vehicle and even office signage.

Launching with a special offer to all SiteBites customers of 20% off Christmas Card design and printing.


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