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Blog header for post: WordPress core version upgrade to 4.7 "Vaughan" in 2017 - SiteBites

On the 6th December (2016), WordPress announced and released the latest version of the software.

Software upgrades are essential as they bring new security patches and with core version upgrades like this one, they bring new features!

What does WordPress 4.7 bring?

  1. A new default WordPress theme (‘Twenty Seventeen’), intended for websites that aren’t just blogs.
  2. Improved Theme Customisation & workflow for Administrators.
  3. Easier ‘visual’ editing when previewing the website, with ‘Edit Shortcuts (i.e. no longer restricted to editing from the edit screen)
  4. Previews for PDFs in your Media library!!
  5. And so much more!

We’ve just summarised the bits most relevant to our customers here. To view the full v4.7 release article from WordPress HQ, click here.

How & when can we upgrade?

If your website is hosted with us then we will be rolling the upgrade out for you, beginning on Saturday 14th January 2017.

  • Why January 14th?
    Firstly Christmas is incredibly busy for everyone and this enables us to get Christmas out of the way first.
  • Why a Saturday?
    Because doing this at a weekend should cause minimal disruption to our customers.
  • Can we upgrade earlier?
    Yes, just contact the studio through the normal channels and we can begin upgrading from 3rd January 2017 on a first-ask, first served basis.
  • Can I defer the upgrade?
    Yes, if you would like us to defer, then let us know before 6pm on Friday 13th January. The latest you can defer to is 14th March 2017.

What happens during the upgrade?

Hopefully you shouldn’t notice much change on the public website. The automated update process will create a backup of your website, roll out the update and then run a test on the site. Should this test detect a problem then the process will roll the website back to the previous version and we will contact you the following week. If the update is successful then you will simply see small changes when you next log in.

We would ask you to refrain from making updates to your website during the update process. Please see our Studio Twitter page for updates and a notice as to when you can resume editing. If you do need to update your website, just keep a copy of your update offline, in case you need to re-apply it once the process is completed.

Any Questions?

Just tweet the Studio, email or call us as normal!


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Unit 23 Space Business Centre, Molly Millars Lane, Wokingham, Berkshire, RG41 2PQ, UK.