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Complete the form below to send us your website information.


This form includes the following sections and information:

  1. Contact details
  2. Social Media details
  3. Legal Information
  4. People: Website Users & Analytics recipients
  5. Pages & Content 
  6. Design Briefing *

* Do not worry if you have not written any content or collated your images yet, you can complete this form without these (see the FAQs for more information).


What do I need to prepare for this form?
1) Contact details
  1. What phone, email, and address details you would like displayed on the website
  2. Would you like an enquiry form on the site? To what email address would you like those submissions emailed?
2) Social Media details
  1. Are you/will you be on social media?
  2. If so, you’ll need your profile names, handles, and links/addresses.
3) Legal Information

If you’re a registered organisation (like a limited company or charity) you will need your legal details (as appropriate to your organisation); for example:

  • Registered organisation name
  • Registered address
  • Registered number
4) People:

Names and email address(es) for the person/people for the following (we set this up when we deliver the site):

  • Those people to whom you want us to send monthly Analytics reports
  • Those people who should have access to the Website to edit it (Website Users)
5) Pages, Content & SEO
  1. If you have done it already, this page will invite you to upload your content or guidance for our copywriter, if ready.
  2. If it is not ready, don’t worry, this page will provide advice, guidance, and a downloadable template for either:
    1. Writing your own content
    2. Or providing your guidance for us, if we are writing your content
  3. We will also give you some pointers on choosing the main/focus search engine keyword/phrase for each page, so we can make the site as Search Engine friendly as possible.
6) Design Briefing
  1. We’ll ask for a list of websites you like, and a list of websites you do not
  2. We’ll also ask for some competitor websites
  3. We will not ask you to upload your images here, (we will tell you how to supply them after you submit this form)
Can I start this then save it and come back later?

Yes! We know this is a lot to put together.
At the bottom of each section of the form is a link to ‘Save and Continue Later‘ (see below, under the first section). Click that and copy or email yourself the link for later use.

  • Keep that link safe and secure as anyone can follow it to complete your form.
  • Make sure you come back within 30 days of saving the form because the data will be deleted on 30 days.

If you click the original link to this form we emailed you again that will reset the form and any progress will be lost.

When do SiteBites need all this?

We need this completed before we proceed to begin Design & Build.

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