The cybermen have landed

In February 2017, GCHQ launched the National Cyber Security Centre. Here’s why that’s great news for UK online security



We’re really pleased that the National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC) has been launched. It’s a good step towards protecting the UK from cyber crime. It’s also great news for small businesses. The more people you have protecting your online security, the better.

The NCSC is a branch of GCHQ, and is committed to providing world-class internet security to the UK. It is also committed to sharing information that will help all of us keep our internet security up to date; the NCSC is there to help you protect yourself.

The NCSC has a Twitter account where they share the latest threats to cyber security. It also runs a newsy, educational blog. The NCSC also open-sources a lot of its code, so the public can use the same tools to manage their own online security. It runs free summer schools for techie teens, and it holds an annual Cyber UK event, where you can hear from the most influential names in online security.

If you know you should care about cyber security but the topic makes your eyes glaze over, don’t worry. At SiteBites, we find this stuff genuinely fascinating, so we are constantly reading the NSCS blog and Twitter feed just for fun. We’ll pass on anything that might affect our customers.

If you’d like to dip a toe in the water of TechLit, here are some NCSC posts that will be genuinely useful if you own or run a small business:

Malware Advice

How to reduce the risk of being infected by malware from infected websites. (For reassurance, if you’re a SiteBites customer, we’ve already protected your website from malware. But this is useful reading for your home internet security.) Read here.

Mobile and Home Working

How to keep your business documents safe, even when some of your team works remotely. Read here.

End User Technology Blog

Your guide to securing every device used by your company and employees. Read here.

Incident Management

Your essential next-steps if you’re a victim of any kind of cyber crime. Read here.


A weekly round-up of the UK’s most serious cyber-security threats. Read here.

We want you to be aware of internet security risks, but we don’t want you to lose any sleep. Remember, the Cybermen are looking after you.


The National Cyber Security Centre website, name and logo are under © Crown copyright and not affiliated with SiteBites in any way. 



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Posted on 13th April 2017 by Kate Gale (In the Category Blog, Worlds News & Events).

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