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Choosing the right plugin for your site is like choosing the right long-term partner. You want one that’s fun, adds something to your life, and is easy-going. You don’t want one that promises the earth but fails to get along with your friends, costs a fortune, and eventually just refuses to work.

So, here’s how to know when a plugin will be love at first site.

The perfect plugin for you:

  • Has lots of friends

    Before you install a plugin, check that it’s well-regarded by other people. A simple way is to find it in the WordPress Plugin Directory which allows users to leave reviews and ratings for all the plugins they’ve loved before. You don’t need to see a glittering 5/5 stars (although it’s obviously a great sign if you do), 3/5 stars is enough. Read all the low-star reviews to see if there are recurring issues. You don’t want to end up as just another bitter ex.

  • Has held down some long-term relationships

    Don’t boldly go where no other website user has gone before. Choose plugins that have been happily installed at least a handful of times. That way, many of their early bugs and teething troubles will hopefully have been caught and fixed. Here are some plugins that we love.

  • Is close to its family

    Plugins are brought into the world by Developers. Ideally, your plugin has stayed close to its Developer family, and received the loving nurture required to ensure it plays nicely with the most recent versions of WordPress, browsers, and other popular plugins. Check for frequent and recent updates.

  • Is supportive, and supported

    If you’re managing your plugins yourself, there might come a point when you need support. So, ensure your beloved plugin is surrounded by people who can help you understand its quirks. If the Developer hosts an open Support forum, check the response times. If recent questions are taking months to be answered, it usually means the Developers have moved on to new relationships, and that you’re on your own. And trust us, being dumped hurts almost as much in plugins as it does in love.

If you’d like help with plugins, or any other aspect of your online marketing (but not your love life, sorry), contact us. We are only a friendly phone call or a soulless online contact-form away.

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Unit 23 Space Business Centre, Molly Millars Lane, Wokingham, Berkshire, RG41 2PQ, UK.