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At SiteBites, one our interests is in keeping up with the evolution of WordPress and wider web technology, and other developments that affect you, our customers. We aim to sort and funnel the crucial bits down to you, and help you to use them to your advantage. One of the main – and most fun – ways we do this is by attending Industry events. So at the weekend, we went to WordCamp London 2017

What is WordCamp?

WordCamp London is the WordPress community’s annual London meet-up. These events happen all around the world! It’s a congregation of users, developers, designers, project managers, bloggers and a myriad of other parties interested in WordPress and the web.  The sheer volume of activities the community fits comfortably into three days is facilitated by an enthusiastic army, (or Cavalry to quote the 2016 WordCamp organisers), of relentlessly helpful volunteers. The organising group behind these events would likely feel at home assisting magicians in squeezing very large objects into a variety of inappropriately sized hats. For their hospitality and the enormous value of the event, we must thank them.

Who and Where?

Installed at the London Metropolitan University (the event’s home for the past few years), WordCamp London attracts a varied crowd.  As well as a wide geographical representation, the attendees ranged from freelancers, to small agencies, to multi-national agencies with 40+ team members.
Such is the appeal of WordPress; a system and community ardently supported by people from around the world, whose only reward  is the strengthening of their community and this tool that serves to empower and enable.

What went on?

Over the two days we attended, we listened to 16 different speakers over 12 talks on topics ranging from content marketing to defensive web development to design processes. We also networked with a variety of interesting people. As an agency Director, it was satisfying to hear other people recommending our own way of doing things. Many of our standard practises were referred to as “best practise”, and there were endless recommendations for tools we’ve been using for a while.  It is even more satisfying to have been able to listen to and learn from those more experienced, and equally contribute to the learning of those less experienced.

There were several exciting updates from WordCamp London and we’ll be letting you know more about them soon. But in short, it was a fantastic experience. Roll on WordCamp London 2018!

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About the Author

James Johnstone is the Director at SiteBites; running the business, managing the projects and running tea-themed team activities – say that quickly!

The WordCamp image is Copyright © WordCamp London 2017 and used (with thanks) under Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike. Alterations have been made to the design for our own blog banner.

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