Plugins: five of our favourites

In our earlier blog post, How to Choose Plugins, we talked about how to know when you’ve met the right plugin. Don’t rely on eyes across a crowded browser; up your standards! Be picky! Now, here are some of the plugins we could seriously consider settling... read more

How to choose plugins

Choosing the right plugin for your site is like choosing the right long-term partner. You want one that’s fun, adds something to your life, and is easy-going. You don’t want one that promises the earth but fails to get along with your friends, costs a fortune, and... read more

Lock up your websites!

What is SSL? Simply put, SSL encrypts information as it passes between a website browser (Chrome, Internet Explorer, etc) and a website server (where the webpage is hosted). By encrypting the information, it makes it very difficult for people to intercept and steal... read more