SiteBites Special Projects

Full creative agency service from SiteBites

SiteBites has been creating beautiful and functional print & web designs for SMEs for a decade.

As our customers have grown, so have have our offerings. SiteBites still offers the efficient entry level packages we started with a decade ago, and SiteBites Special Projects now offers so much more…

Creative Agency service

Our extensive experience has enabled us to combine our creative flare, honed processes, and production flexibility to offer a proactive and personalised agency service to our larger customers.

Bespoke website design

With a plethora of quality and versatile WordPress Themes currently available, ground-up custom website production has to deliver real creative and technological value. The agency approach combined with our production processes can result in truly unique and superb output that will add value to your marketing and brand.

Website Security, and Hack Protection & Recovery

Stunning designs and ideas only transform online marketing when they are secure. We are helping to rescue, clean and restore many websites, but prevention is far better. Combined with our own dedicated hosting infrastructure and bespoke hosting & security solutions, we can help you protect your website and keep your business online.


SiteBites Special Projects offers your organisation a unique combination of real creative value along with hosting & support with teeth.

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  • College of St George by SiteBites

    College of St George

  • Data Inc UK by SiteBites

    Data Inc UK


    SiteBites Special Projects was commissioned to help Data Inc update and modernise their logo, without diverging too much from the brand of the international family. We then had to create a brand new website and integrate with the Bullhorn recruitment management system.

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    The client says...

    Data Inc have just been through a brand overhaul and James and his team helped us build a completely new and exciting website, logo and entire brand. The process was smooth, thorough and fun, and the team were flexible and honest throughout. I would highly recommend SiteBites if you are looking for any help with branding. It has been a pleasure to work with them.
    Sophie Ames

    We also did...

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  • Galeco by SiteBites



    SiteBites Special Projects created this new, bespoke website for Galeco. The design leant heavily on the previous website design queues for continuity and updated the site design and build for the modern day, incorporating some very cool animations.

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    We also did...

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  • Trust Real Estate by SiteBites

    Trust Real Estate

  • Terrafiniti by SiteBites


  • Highfield Prep School by SiteBites

    Highfield Prep School


    SiteBites was called in to help Highfield out after their previous website was hacked a few years ago. We cleaned, re-built, secured it and moved it to our WordPress specialist hosting. SiteBites Special Projects has now created  their subsequent website design, and hosts that too.

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    The client says...

    SitesBites have worked with us for a few years now. Initially they helped us to rebuild our website and make it more user friendly. We were impressed with their work and with their understanding of our needs as a small school. We now use them to carry out monthly updates for our news pages and to make any structural changes that we need as the website grow and develops. They have help at the end of the phone for when my staff need a little guidance updating the site using Wordpress. They are very reliable and have a good system of electronic tickets to ensure that jobs get completed when we want them. It is also very good value. We have also used them to help us maximise the use of the website through advising about optimisation and helping us to track visitors to the site through Google analytics. They have also advised about internet security and the use of cookies on our site; something which their expertise far exceeds our own! I am very happy to recommend them as a company which is small enough to offer personal service but big enough to manage the work we need done in a sensible time frame.
    Annie Lee, Headmistress

    We also did...

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