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What is this about?

In short, this is to help you comply with GDPR (the General Data Protection Regulation). As per our Standard Terms & Conditions of Business, legal compliance is ultimately your (the Client’s) responsibility. This form collects your preferences and instructions for us.

To help you as much as we can, we have put together some tools to assist you with this, including making recommendations as per our understanding of the requirements of relevant laws.

We are not solicitors or legal experts however and if you have any concerns, or wish to take legal advice, please consult a solicitor before completing this form or providing us with instructions.

What do I need?

For your website, you need three things:

  1. A Privacy Policy/Notice
  2. A Cookie Policy (this can be included within your Privacy Policy)
  3. Cookie Control on your website


I don't know what do, where do I start?!

Firstly, don’t Panic!

To get started with GDPR or download policy templates, then we recommend small business solicitor Suzanne’s Dibble’s GDPR Pack.

For background information on our approach to making websites work with GDPR, and critically the concept of data protection, see our blog post on preparing websites for GDPR.

What do I need to know about my website for my Privacy Policy?
What is Cookie Control?

Cookie Control is the name given to the website features that request your permission to use cookies every time you access a website.

These tools aid compliance with the ePrivacy Directive (under the PECR) and GDPR (see latest Cookie Guidance from July 2019).

Where can I get a Cookie and/or Privacy Policy?

Most solicitors will be able to provider these customised to your organisation. You can also download policy templates, from providers such as small business solicitor Suzanne Dibble who has a very comprehensive GDPR Pack including videos, checklists, and policy templates! (Click here to find out more and download the pack).

When do SiteBites need all this?

We need all of this no later than when you send your 1st round of feedback to us, after we’ve sent you the draft site to review, so that we can enter your policies and setup your Cookie Control for you.

We don’t expect you to know what cookies your website uses however, so we’ll fill the cookie list in for you on your policy.

Cookie Control options

We recommend the following options for your website. Please see our article here for full options (and some fascinating background).

Different options are included in different packages, please ask if you are unsure about yours. The Base option is included in our entry packages and is always free with a new website. Whichever package you have ordered, you may upgrade to any option.

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